Friday, June 7, 2013

Unison Research: New Stock Arrival

Unison Research, New Stock, Unico CD Primo, Simply Italy, Unico Primo
New Stock Arrival in A&L Audio Station
1. Unico CD Primo
2. Simply Italy
3. Unico Primo

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

NAD DAC1 Wireless DAC Received Recommended Award

wireless dac, nad, dac1, award, avforum

"There is no shortage of detail where available but it is presented in a very refined and controlled way that means that it never becomes fatiguing or harsh."

Key Features

  • Wireless Dongle based
  • Closed Wireless System
  • Burr Brown Chipset
  • Choice of Channels to avoid Conflict


  • Simple and completely foolproof connection
  • Smooth and involving sound
  • Digital output allows for use with other DAC's


  • Limited to 16/48khz
  • Only one input
  • Can sound a little safe