Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hi-Fi Choice Recommended: Opera Mezza


Opera’s claim of 88dB sensitivity for the Mezza squares very well with out measured pink noise figure of 87.9dB. Low impedance has been used to help achieve this, the modulus falling to a minimum of 3.4ohms – which is consistent with Opera’s nominal impedance of 4ohms if not its claim that the impedance does not fall below that figure. The EPDR dips to a low of 2.0ohms, equal lowest in the group, but it might have been worse but for the impedance phase angle being quite well controlled. On-axis frequency response shows a mild presence band suckout, but despite this the reponse erros are held to a commendably tight +-2.6dB and +-2.2dB respectively, and pair matching is OK at +-1.3dB. Bass extension is very good at 31Hz and the cumulative spectral decay waterfall shws fast initial decay with only low-level resonances at treble frequencies. KH

This suave Italian standmount speaker has the sonic muscle to match that elegant appearance